Let us introduce our cause!

Cancer is a disease characterized by cells that display uncontrolled growth, with intrusion on and destruction of adjacent tissues, sometimes spread via lymph or blood to other locations of the body. Cancer is among the leading non communicable diseases contributing to over 7.9 million deaths globally each year – a figure that is projected to rise, unless the problem is curtailed. In Uganda, cervical cancer is the leading one, mainly attributed to the high prevalence of genital human papillomavirus infection.

Annually, over 5,000 cases are registered at the Uganda Cancer Institute (UCI). Reports reveal that while cancer is a serious health problem, it can be prevented and controlled, if detected early. Efforts should be put in place to detect cancer early, create citizen awareness about cancer and encourage citizens to undergo routine testing for cancer.

The Carol Atuhirwe Cancer Foundation (CACF) was founded based on the foregoing background to contribute to the process of making citizens aware of the cancer problem, encouraging citizens to undergo routine cancer checkups, preventing and controlling cancer in Uganda. The foundation was grounded on Ms. Carol Atuhirwe – a young lady who battled throat and lung cancer for 7 years, but eventually succumbed to the disease. This initiative is undertaken in the memory of those gone before and after her as a result of cancer.

We recognize that preventing incidence of cancer is the best strategy and early recognition of the disease a step towards its cure. We hope to achieve this aspiration through citizen awareness, routine checkups, research, policy analysis and advocacy and support to those suffering and otherwise affected by cancer.

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